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Whatever you expect or not, 2012's coming. And here we collect the 2012 upcoming best iPhone & iPad games that we thought you must not miss. Wanna know the trend of 2012 iPhone & iPad games? Get start with this article first.

Think about the games in 2011, which one you like best? DragonValeInfinity Blade II, or still the Angry Birds? Now before you read this article you may imagine the upcoming iPhone & iPad games in 2012. How will the 2012's game might be? Here's the collection of the 2012's game we know so far, maybe from them we could know the trend of 2012 upcoming games.


With the release of "2012", some of the famous game developers all prepare for the new year. There must be some new big game you should never miss. Check out to see what are the 2012 upcoming games by famous Developers.

1. Square Enix

—— Final Fantasy Legends
You won't be strange to Square Enix's FF series for PS. Now they decide to enlarge their land to iOS. A new FF game will release for iOS in 2012.
2012 Upcoming Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi

2. Electronic Arts

—— Battlefield 3
Maybe the release date of Battlefield 3 get you annoyed but this game is still the most worth expecting game in 2012 as we know so far.
2012 Upcoming Battlefield 3

—— 14 New Free Games
EA announced 14 new free games for iPhone & iPad in 2012 including a free model for Battlefield. We could be forward to a "big free dinner" from EA.
2012 Upcoming 14 New Free Games

Cellulare Dual Sim D 218only € 39,99 

2012 Upcoming: Games from Other Platforms


What's game you expcet most to play on iPhone or iPad? In 2012, there will be more games come to iOS. Here are some 2012 upcoming games transplanted from other platforms. Check out to see if there's the game you prefer.

1. MechWarrior: Tactical

MechWarrior, the famous PC game will come to iOS for the next series in 2012. It is the first MechWarrior title designed for iOS. Mech fan now will experience this game on their iPhones.
2012 Upcoming MechWarrior: Tactical

2. Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse released on PC and Mac early this year and got the high mark. If you haven't played it yet, don't worry, it will come to iPad in 2012, This game would get more lovers for sure.
2012 Upcoming Frozen Synapse

X360 PROonnly € 49,00 

3. Botanicula

You won't be strange to Amanita Design who develope Machinarium, and Botanicula is their new game for iOS only. Yes it's not the famous game come to iOS but you can treat it as a Machinarium 2 for sure.
2012 Upcoming Botanicula

2012 Upcoming: Hottest Games Sequels


Here are some games you can't forget, the games that provide us happy time and they should get a sequel. Check out the 2012 upcoming hottest games sequels, all these games are confirmed to release in 2012.

1. Hunters 2

Hunters: Episode One is getting a sequel. The creator of Hunters, have revealed with us that it is indeed working on Hunters 2. Ant it will release in spring 2012.
2012 Upcoming Hunters 2


Maybe CHAOS RINGS is the best RPG we played on iOS. Following the Chaos Rings and CHAOS RINGS Ωthis new squal is coming in 2012.
2012 Upcoming CHAOS RINGS II

3. And More...

What's more? Don't forget these! We all know these hottest game would get the new squal as we expect them to be.

2012 Upcoming Angry Birds

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