5 Best BlackBerry Apps For Moms

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itablethouse compiled the top 5 apps from BlackBerry App World™ that we think are perfect for all the moms out there on #TeamBlackBerry.


1. Kobo™: According to some of the moms here on the social team, they love to curl up with a good book. Having Kobo on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet or BlackBerry® smartphone is like curling up with thousands of books, so you can read until your heart’s content — and without having to carry around a ton of heavy novels.

2. At The Moment: This is a journaling app that lets you capture moments as they happen, tag people and places, date stamp memories, and save them. If you’re the kind of mom that never misses a moment – from your child’s first step to their graduation day – definitely check this one out.

3. Groupon™: For mothers who are always looking for a great deal, I’ve been told the Groupon app for BlackBerry smartphones is definitely one to have. You can find and purchase local deals right from your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or BlackBerry smartphone, and you can redeem them right from your device as well, which saves both time and paper.

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4. WeatherEye: The Weather Network: When I polled moms around the office (informally, of course), an overwhelming number of them said WeatherEye: The Weather Network is an essential app for them — especially since it features an hour-by-hour glance at the day ahead, so you know what the kids should be wearing to get them through the school day.

5. TETRIS®: Who said moms can’t be gamers too? There’s tons to love about the evergreen TETRIS® game series — and if you do need that extra peace and quiet, just hand it off to the kids and it’ll be sure to keep them busy.

There you have it: our top 5 apps for moms, just in time for Mother’s Day.


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