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Angry bird is one of the most loved games in 2010 and 2011. This game was first developed by Rovio Mobiles. This game was available only on I-phone and now its available for every platform. This game can be added for your Google chrome browser; this is an add-on for this browser. Within a few simple steps we can add this and enjoy offline gaming. In this article we shall learn how to add this game to your chrome browser.

Step 1:

Open your chrome browser, you need to have Gmail account to install this add-on (just for security purpose) and click on the link given below.

Angry Bird game for Google Chrome:

Step 2:

Open this link only with Chrome browser. On clicking this link, a new browsing tab will appear on your screen, as shown in below image.


 In this new browsing tab, click on “Install” button, as highlighted. On clicking, Gmail home page will appear on your screen; enter your log-in details and hit enter button.

Step 3:

On performing this action, again first image appears on your screen. In this window click on “Install” button. This time, you can observe installation process, as shown in below image.

Step 4:

Wait until you get a window as shown in below. This window confirms complete and successful installation of this add-on. Now you are ready to play this game.


Step 5:

To play this game open a new tab, you will find installed apps as shown in below image. Automatically offline version of this game will be downloaded and you can observe this progress or message under the game window.

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