Amazing Alex: Rovio Releases Angry Bird’s Baby Brother

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Could there be an Angry Birds successor? Rovio’s brand new release, Amazing Alex, is Angry Bird’s new sibling, and only time will tell how addictive it proves for the Angry Birds crowd. Amazing Alex is now available for iOS and Android, and includes 100 levels you need to complete using 35 different objects.


Amazing Alex is nothing like Angry Birds; instead of hitting pigs, you need to build Rube Goldberg machines using objects like wood shelves, books and balloons, and then hit the play button to get your balls rolling in hopes they collect all three stars. As long as you collect at least one star, you’re good, and there is more than one solution to each level. In term of game mechanics, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, and feels a bit like a combination between Cut the Rope and Where’s My Water.

Apparently, Rovio is aware of the game’s lack of originality in that respect, and has decided to look for it elsewhere: Amazing Alex fans will be able to design and create their own levels using the provided objects, and share them with friends or with the world in general. If enough people create these levels, Amazing Alex will never run out of levels, and there will always be a new dose available whenever you feel like it.



Amazing Alex is available for iPhone ($0.99), iPad ($2.99), Android (free trial), Android ($0.99) and Android HD ($2.99). The game is set to launch for Windows Phone, Windows and Mac in the near future.


If you’re experiencing crashes on iOS, try exiting the app completely by double tapping the home button, long-tapping the game and closing it. It should launch fine after that.

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