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Tablet Android 10” 3g, 4.01, GB-A30+€ 199,00 

Why Buy a Tablet?


Tablets are taking the computing world by storm. They are the latest trend that gives you internet capabilities, access to email, video chat and allows you to capture images and video while on the go. These multimedia devices are designed to be portable, with small dimensions and a lightweight design. They also give you control by navigating around the device using the touchscreen display or stylus pen.

Whether you are a student, business professional or just love technology, Android tablets have something for everyone. The best devices offer a responsive touchscreen that quickly obeys your every command. You can take notes, send emails and create documents or slideshows anywhere, anytime. Using the built-in cameras, you can capture images at a moment’s notice or even communicate via video chat with anyone around the world.

Tablets: What to Look For

When deciding which tablet is best for you, consider what you'll use it for. Several tablets offer more entertainment features with high screen resolution, video chat capabilities and strong graphics. Others include multitasking capabilities, long battery life and multiple inputs and ways of connecting to the internet. Our side-by-side comparison chart and objective reviews can help you find the tablet with the features you're looking for.

Tablet Phone Android 7”, 2.3, GB-Y70€ 89,00 

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to rate these computing devices.

In this section we look at the main functionality of each tablet. A music player, video chat capabilities, a camera, GPS and even a built-in eReader are features you will find in several top products. The operating system is also a critical feature we explore to give you a feel for the interface and navigation.

The hardware is an important part of your computing device, and it is essential you know what is available to you. When considering different tablets, you need to look at the processor and make sure it offers the speed you need. Also, the amount of memory is important, especially if you plan on storing your music collection, photos and videos on this device.

The display makes these computing devices unique compared to other computing devices. A responsive touchscreen is a necessity, along with beautiful display resolution, particularly for viewing photos, movies or even playing games. Portability is paramount for a good tablet. And although you definitely want a lightweight device, you have to decide for yourself whether you want a larger screen or a more portable product.

Ease of Use
For a tablet to be worthwhile, it must be easy to use. Some devices include a built-in stand to hold up the product for easy viewing. Others provide a digital pen for easy navigation, especially if you don’t want to use your fingers all the time. But most importantly, the device must be easy enough to navigate that even a tablet beginner won’t have any difficulty.

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