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The Sixaxis app to connect your Android phone wirelessly to a PS3 controller has been around for a while. Now, an enterprising designer has upped the ante with a clip for a more encompassing solution.

If you've been using the Sixaxis Controller app with your Android phone, you'll have noted that there is one big annoying problem: how do you juggle the phone and the PS3 Dual Shock controller at once?


Ryan French, a student at the University of Washington, came up with a solution that's so simple and so brilliant: the GameKlip, a clip and mount that joins the two together. The result is slightly less portable than the dual sim phone itself, but something we would happily sit and play with for hours — even as it further blurs the line between mobile gaming and console gaming.


It comes in two versions: one that uses a wireless Bluetooth connection, and one that uses a USB connection.

The list of supported phones is short, since the GameKlip is custom sized for each model. They include the Samsung Galaxy S II and S III, the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy Note, the HTC Evo and the HTC One X.


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French said on his website that he is also working on a solution for the Xbox 360 controller, so stay tuned. And make sure you check whether your phone can support the Sixaxis Controller app by using the free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker app.

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