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Elektronichouse have attended Eurogamer Expo for the last 3 years, every year we both enter and leave giggling like children wanting to play more games like never before. This years expo not only left me excited about games but also a new home console, the first Next Generation from Nintendo. For now I want to highlight just a few of my experiences of this years Eurogamer Expo.

When Vikings Attack
Who knew Vikings could be such a pain, and be beaten by large objects; who also knew it’d be so much fun! When Vikings Attack is throwing its way on to your PS3 and PsVita hopefully this year and from the couple of levels I played it was great fun! It has simple controls but if your to survive than quick reactions will be needed as you dodge and attack Vikings with anything you can find…. even Zebras.


Hitman Absolution
I’ve played and enjoyed every Hitman game in the series, each game offering you a huge playing field allowing you to kill your target however you want. Absolution has looked great since they started sharing details, and I’m thrilled to confirm it plays and looks better when it’s in front of you. The demo featured Chinatown and what seemed 100s of bystanders between you and your target; how will you kill him?


Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

This was my fun game of the expo, it maybe be a Playstation Smash Bros games but what’s wrong with that? Nothing! Even Sony guy agreed with us. The formula is brilliant and character list features all your favorites with room to add! They also showed the PsVita and PS3 crossplay which worked seamlessly. This game is destined to be great and will be because its fun, what else is it when Hades from God of War suddenlys ends up surrounded by Patapons.


MICRO SD 8 GB SANDISK only € 8,90

Prison Architect

If you mixed Rollercoaster Tycoon, Theme Hospital and a little Sim City you’d be close to a winning formula like Prison Architect. Your job is to build a Prison and keep your prisoners happy, because if you don’t expect a Riot! After playing the introduction level at the expo I’ve joined the alpha, I’m really enjoying the game now and can’t wait to see how it ends. Expect to hear me talk about this game for months to come as after a weekend of playing I’m addicted! So please don’t lock me up… Below is a LiveStream of Prison Architect recently.


Need For Speed Most Wanted

Burnout Revenge is still one of my all time favorite Xbox360 games. So when I heard Criterion were in the development team for the next Most Wanted game I couldn’t wait to have a play! At the expo I played a multiplayer match where we speeded through a gate, raced to the finish line and drove towards a jump to see who could fly. I didn’t win a single game but I did get a takedown, which was smashing (if you pardon the pun). I’m still not hooked at the idea of an open world but if it can bring back the intense multiplayer action then give me a copy and I’ll see you online.


Last but certainly not least the Wii U, Nintendo’s Next Gen console featuring a tablet controller which was light, seriously light, it didn’t feel any heavier than my phone. I spent a few hours with the Wii U over the expo and have loads to say which I will in a separate article, but for now I’ll leave you with one word to describe my experience; Surprised.

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