Kid Icarus: Uprising Cards Being Made Available In Europe

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With a special binder and everything!



The post-release support beng lavished on Kid Icarus: Uprising is pretty astonishing, with Nintendo continuing to organise events and promote the game at conventions even after its release.


That support doesn’t show any sign of stopping either, as Panini (the sticker company, not the delicious kind of breadstuff) has declared that Kid Icarus: Uprising cards are available for purchase across Great Britain.

Cardy Goodness!



There are 404 cards to collect, and these are of course the famous AR Idol cards so many have sought for so long. Why it’s taken such a long time to get these out into the big wide world is unknown, but it’s certainly better late than never.

A Starter Pack binder to store the cards in, coupled with a triplet of six-card packs, costs £5.99. Panini’s French website suggests that Kid Icarus fans in the European mainland can expect to pay €3,50 for the same deal.


Meanwhile, individual packets of six cards will set you back £1.50, or the same in Euros. It’s good to see these things finally coming to market!


Frustratingly for Kid Icarus fans in the Americas, there’s no word on releasing the cards in such territories. In fact, searching the Panini site for the USA and Canada for Kid Icarus simply causes the site to give the digital equivalent of a blank, bemused stare.


R4 per DS Lite


It’s not ideal, but hopefully fans Stateside can get their hands on Idol Cards for themselves too, soon enough. With a staggering 404 to collect, fans have got their hands full tracking down every last one, and the hunt is now on!

Will you be buying into the R4 cards now they’re out on sale? Or does it seem like a futile cash-grab? Does releasing the cards this late add longevity to Kid Icarus: Uprising, or is it all too late after the game’s release?

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