Kid Icarus Uprising Scores High In Nintendo Official Magazine

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The official Nintendo magazine has awarded Kid Icarus Uprising an impressive 91% in its latest issue. The publication states that the game is “remarkably beautiful” and is “stunning to behold”. Kid Icarus: Uprising is due out exclusively on Nintendo 3DS on March 23rd in both North America, and Europe. Here’s a few choice extracts from the review:

“It’s stunning to behold, in fact, a visual masterpiece on Nintendo R4, R4i 3DS that routinely surprises with impressive, expansive and detailed sprawling landscapes”.

“Rich fantasy world” which has been “teased from the abstract visuals of an 8-bit NES game”

“The single player campaign is huge, for a start, and it sits alongside two full-featured local and online multiplayer modes [offering] countless equippable weapons and powers that work across both.”

“It takes perseverance to comfortably wrap your paws around the game’s on-foot sections”, but adds that “it’s intuitive enough once mastered”

“[It feels far bigger than the console upon which it appears, it’s deeper than most home console titles and more content-packed than any other 3DS game yet released. Pit might’ve been sorry to keep us waiting, but this was a wait worth every second.”

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