King Of Pirates Getting Anime & Manga Adaptations: KAIO

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It’s Christmas Eve at the time of writing, boys and girls, and when you think of Christmas, only one thing comes to mind. Pirates!


Alright, maybe not. But nevertheless, one 3DS game that’s been causing a quiet stir in the background has been KAIO: King Of Pirates, the R4 3ds exclusive helmed by MegaMan creator Keiji Inafune. The famous game designer has been working with Marvelous AQL to craft the game, which features varies societies of anthropomorphic animals pitting mighty ships against each other in grand pirate battles.


Ahoy! Avast! And other such nautical slang!


It was hoped that some long-overdue gameplay details about KAIO: King Of Pirates would emerge from Japan’s Jump Festa event. What has instead emerged, thanks to Siliconera, is the surprising knowledge that Marvelous AQL are seemingly looking to make a big franchise out of this game.


As well as the game, or that is to say, what is already planned to be a trilogy of games, KAIO is due to become a manga series in its native Japan. The manga is currently projected to join the Nintendo R4 i 3DS game itself for a Japanese 2013 release.

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But it now transpires that an anime is also in the pipeline, meaning that King Of Pirates is truly destined to go multimedia. Marvelous AQL and Inafune-san alike evidently have big dreams for this game, and the media franchise it can flourish into.


The game itself remains as mysterious as always, however. What Siliconera’s report does make clear is the reminder that KAIO has been trademarked both in America and Europe, meaning that we’re almost definitely going to see it sailing to our shores.


But will our respective releases be in 2013, following the lead of the Japanese version? Or will we be waiting even longer? What’s more, will the manga and anime adaptations head to other territories too, or is KAIO shooting for cultural domination in Japan only?


Seems we’ll have to wait and see…

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