M3i zero for DSi, DSi XL and 3DS using guide

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How to use m3i zero for DSi, DSi XL and 3DS

M3i Zero Per nintendo dsi - xlonly € 39,99 
M3i zero is one of the best flash card Nintendo games console such as DSi ,DSi XL/LL and 3DS.
If you have bought m3i zero, it will not make you despaired.

One problem is that , each m3i zero need flashed before using.It is a little difficult.Many player can't do it well,

so, then can't make the m3i zero run on their console.
Now , i give a m3i zero using guide, wish that can help you.

(1)you will need software for M3i zero card. You can get it downloaded from here : www.handheldsources.com/M3DS/Download_M3DSR.html
then see "System for M3i Zero & M3DS Real(26-1-2011)" and download:
System V4.9a X (Europe/USA/Asia)
or System V4.9a X (Japanese)
(2) download the "Core for M3i Zero only:(16-5-2011)", this files is used to flash m3i zero(updated m3i), such as upgrade to work on 3DS console, V1.4.2 system,
"M3i Zero Core data file V1.8.2" download this file.
(3) get a microSD card, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB 16GB all of them is ok, all brands is ok too, and format it by your computer:
-How do you format a drive? Insert Micro SD or SDHC card into USB reader>USB Port>Go to my computer, select the drive, example D: F: > right click>select FAT32>select and click "Quick format" > you should get format ok.

(4)unzip the both files(just downloaded) to the root of your microSD card."F_CORE.DAT" flies and "SYSTEM" folder there.
(5)Now connect the M3i card via small USB cable in your PC and let the red (mostly) or red flashing light come to an end after 30 seconds.
When the flashing stopped, the m3i zero flash compeleted,
(6) create a folder name "games" at the root of the memory card, and download DS roms(end with .nds)
Now, you can run the m3i zero now.
Have fun!
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