Nintendo 3DS Games News - Colors! 3D to be released on April 5th

Published on by Nintendo 3DS Games News! 3D, a 3D painting application for the 3DS is confirmed to be coming to the eShop in North America on April 5th. You can check after the break for an older trailer to see the application in action.


Nintendo 3DS Games Fan's Voice:

im hopeing free but probably 2 bucks max if this is higher than 1.99 i call it a ripoff

@elektronichouse You’re kidding right I mean Come on! free 2 bucks it will be $6.99 You think Nintendo would do that and 6.99 is a good price for what will be a GREAT app

“im hopeing free” < Just how? This is not made by Nintendo (which make free content to encourage people to go online and buy a Nintendo 3DS console ), nor does have ads. They would lose money if it was free. Think more before saying pointless things : P


R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds + 8gbonly € 34,90


i keep getting in and out on this one. 1 day i want it, next day i dont want to look at it. however, since im making my own R4i 3DS Card game, and i will have to draw hundreds of stuff for the pictures on the cards every few months, i will definitely probably get this. well, if the pictures can be saved to an sd card of course.

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