Nintendo 3DS v3.0.0.5 Fixed

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Note, these fixes remain through the 3DS v3.0.0.6 update as well.

The latest 3DS firmware update v3.0.0.5 has been countered!  Three card developers were able to get corresponding fixes out for their cards very quickly after this new 3DS update came out.   Certainly much quicker than the last update.

The new update relates to support for the new Mario Nintendo 3DS Land game which will force the new update onto 3DS consoles.  The update is also available OTA via wifi.  As a reminder, the cards have to be updated before the 3DS is, with the exception of the M3i Zero which does not rely on any DS console for this version.

The following cards work on the latest 3DS version.

R4i 3DS (update via wifi process) – Click here to buy from Elektronichouse

R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds + 4gb
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M3i Zero (Update with new F_core.dat file) - Click here to buy from

Supercard DS TWO (Update by latest dstwoupdate.dat file) - Click here to buy from Elektronichouse


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