Nintendo DSi R4 - Does R4 Work With Nintendo DSi

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What is R4 for DSi?

Are you entertaining purchasing a brand-new Nintendo DSi R4 card but unsure whether the R4 will run

with your Espansioni Memoria Nintendo DS i XL? Or maybe you are considering more or less purchasing a DSi and hoping to play R4 games, however you are trying to fend off squandering money if the R4 isn't compatible with the DSi? If you've been asking yourself these questions and searching for answers then we advise you read this article carefully.

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Do you know what a Nintendo R4 card is?

An R4 card is used to store files on your Nintendo DS which can hold files like msuic files, videos, and backups of your preferred games.

Can I use my old R4 rather than using an R4i?

There are a great deal of individuals who are looking to see if there is a Nintendo DSi R4 card that will run with both the Nintendo DS and the newer DSi model. Unluckily, the R4 card is incompatible and is known to cause damage to the DSi component parts.Fortunately the brand-new R4i card is compatible with your DS and brand-new DSi. The R4i card is also widely recognized as the "Nintendo DSi R4" by inner circles and thus will be related to as that from this point forward.

R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 8 gb

€ 37,00 

Will the games on my R4 card run with my brand-new Nintendo DSi R4 card?

If you are concerned that all your games will be destroyed due to incompatibility, then that's a logical care. The memory reader on your DS and DSi understands the same type of file which is *.nds. What that really means is that you will be able to transfer your games between the two R4 and Nintendo DSi R4 card without losing any data.

Now that you are fully aware of how your new Nintendo DSi R4i card will work perfectly with the new DSi, we hope that your days will be engaged with lots of fun and enjoyment of your games.  

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