Nokia Windows 8 Smartphone Prototype Picture Leaked

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Yes, now it’s time we get the first glimpse of the first Nokia smartphone with Windows 8 Mobile. Directly after IFA in Berlin, the Finns will show off several Windows 8 smartphones at Nokia World. Until then, speculation will continue surrounding the coming Windows 8 phones and whether or not Microsoft’s mobile platform will be the saving grace for a floundering Nokia. Now a picture of one of the prototypes has emerged for our consideration.

Of course we can not really tell what is going on with the device shown here. But at least it can be seen that Nokia is retaining a few little design features including the one-line design of the previous Lumia smartphones. The pictures don’t make it obvious that it’s running Windows 8, but it appears to have a Winodws 8 esque layout. No later than early September we will surely know more.

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Really Easy Cart 09/11/2012 15:35

If Apple sues this, then it'll be a fight of the ages. I always prefer windows because they have the cheap and reliable trademark than Apple.