Power of Illusion Demo Available in North America: Epic Mickey

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The demo for Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is now available on the Nintendo eShop according to Nintendo of America.


Warren Spector, the famed creator of the Deus Ex series brought us the delightful Wii game Epic Mickey two years ago. The game allowed players to take on the role of Mickey as he traipsed across the dilapidated world where his paintbrush allowed him to fix or destroy things in the environment. This game, while flawed, did well enough on the Wii to deliver both a sequel across all consoles as well as a 3DS exclusive game.


Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, the R4 Nintendo 3ds exclusive, is a bit of a spiritual successor to the Super Nintendo Mickey Mouse games. These games were really great platformers that many gamers enjoyed and hold quite dear. Spector, a huge fan of nostalgia and Disney in general, decided to bring this style back on the R4i 3DS with Power of Illusion which will feature twenty different endings. Below is a trailer of the game if you have yet to see it.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Demo Available in North America

So, what do you all think of the game? I for one am pretty excited about the prospect of a new game that is akin to Mickey’s Castle of Illusion. Those games were real classics back on the Super Nintendo and the fact that it took so long for us to get a new one is crazy. Be sure to check out the demo and tell us how you feel about it!

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