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R4 card or the R4 revolution is intentionally made to be used on Nintendo DS. R4 card enhances your NDS functionality, like listening to music, reading eBooks, store photos, and even store high memory games. Playing games will of course be the primary task of your NDS, imagine playing more Nintendo DSi games multiple games without changing your cartridge. The opportunities are endless. 

R4 card is of the same size as the ordinary NDS cartridge that contains games. It has a slot located on the back of the card where the Micro SD card is meant to be placed. The Micro SD card is where game and other applications are stored. R4 card was first discovered in 2007 by the R4 team. Since then Nintendo gaming has never been beaten by any other gaming console. 

Today you might notice that there are different R4 cards in the market. Even R4 UK has been widely sold in the country. R4 SDHC, EZ flash, and R4i SDHC are some of the classification that you would see. They all work the same, except that some R4 have additional features.

R4 Card

R4 per DS Lite€ 14,49 

Compatibility Issue with R4 card

Compatibility is an issue faced by manufacturers even before, which is why development of other cards are made. When you are buying new R4 cards, you have to be very careful about the type of unit you buy. There are cases when the R4 cards do not work, people sometimes think that there were sent with a dysfunctional card when the truth is that, their card is not simply compatible with their Console Nintendo DS Lite model. 

Some people are even more confused about the latest R4 Card for they do not simply work with the latest versions of Nintendo DS. To avoid this confusion, you should always look at your Nintendo DS model before settling for a product. The trend today in terms of R4 card is backward technology, meaning the latest R4 cards are compatible with the oldest Nintendo 3D model. This has created a chaos when it was launched, which is why the R4 team created another product that works with both old and new Nintendo DS model, the EZ flash.

Always remember the Nintendo DS model that you have, because even the latest R4 SDHC will not work with Nintendo DSi, for this you would need the R4i or the R4i SDHC. Another thing to remember that if you were using the R4 card on your Nintendo DS model, and would like to upgrade your card to R4i SDHC or an EZ flash, you would have to use the other slot or the slot B of you were previously slot A because of compatibility issue.


R4i 1.4.3 PER NINTENDO DSi XL€ 24,99 
Sounds even more confusing? Well the best thing that you can do is to ask your retailer about these things before having them delivered. Do not just base your judgement on the price or its amazing features, you had better base your judgement to the model of the Nintendo DS that you have. If the retailer you’ve asked questions from seemed a bit confuse when answering your question then turn on your back and look for another retailer. Better yet, search online. You would see R4 Italian retailers that offer this product and are willing to deliver them on your doorstep.
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