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FIFA Soccer 13 Review

Within 24 hours of launch, FIFA Soccer 13 sold 353,000 copies in North America, which according to EA was a 42% increase from last year. The number of sales on just the first day comes to no surprise since FIFA 13 was expected to be what it turned out to be, a game where no two matches are alike. So what makes every match a unique experience? A variety of new and enhanced features make FIFA 13 better than any other FIFA game that’s existed.


Complete Dribbling

Complete Dribbling makes it so much easier to maneuver around small areas. With players like David Beckham or Lionel Messi I get more time to move around to find open players. Complete Dribbling would be nothing without FIFA 13’s 1st Touch Control. FIFA 13 1st Touch Control is amazing for both offensive and defensive players! Because the control of the ball is now more precise, you have to aim your shots and passes better. Unlike FIFA 12 where I’d find myself yelling “I never passed it to that player”, now I only have myself to blame for bad passes. Defending-wise 1st Touch Control also makes it so that you defend better by actually clearing out the ball instead of trying to clear it and accidentally hitting your opponent, in which then they may gain possession of the ball.


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2nd Generation Player Impact Engine

My favorite improvement of FIFA Soccer is the 2nd Generation Player Impact Engine! My biggest problem with FIFA 12 was that players would crash, but would take a very long time to get back up on their feet. The new Player Impact Engine is without question what makes the game better because it keeps up with a more realistic pace of the game. The time it now takes for a player to get up is realistic, if FIFA Soccer needed any improvements, it was this, and they did it!


Tactical Free Kicks

The idea behind the way free kicks are taken is something that brings you closer to the game of football-soccer. Anyone who watches soccer knows that free kicks don’t always have two players, for the most part, there are never more than three, and that’s exactly what you see on FIFA Soccer 13. But I noticed something else on FIFA 13, defending got sneakier! Now gamers could move their wall of players up a step forward, at least when the referee doesn’t notice.


Attacking Intelligence

Attacking Intelligence has made the game a better experience-especially for all the playmakers out there. In previous FIFA titles teammates wouldn’t open up like they do in FIFA 13. In FIFA 13 playmakers are given more play options thanks to the new Attacking Intelligence. Because of Attacking Intelligence, I find myself scoring more in counter attack scenarios because my teammates are keeping their distance from defenders and opening up more.


Better Goalkeepers

The goalkeepers keep getting better with every installment of FIFA Soccer. I love that goal keepers will dive more, they will use their feet more, they punch the ball more, and that they use their feet more when they’re forced out of the box! In FIFA 12 I would send out my keeper if the ball was headed slowly his way, the problem was that most of the time, the keeper would automatically kick the ball out. I didn’t always want that, I sometimes wanted to pass the ball instead. In FIFA 13, the goalkeeper will only kick the ball out if you command them to, otherwise you’re free to control the ball and look for an open player to pass the ball to!


Pregame Setup

Gamers now get all the time they need to customize their teams. Rather than getting thirty seconds to set up your team, FIFA Soccer 13 lets you customize your team before you’re matched up with your online opponent. Another improvement FIFA Soccer 13 made was distinguishing team jerseys-which were the second thing I was hoping got fixed. In FIFA 12, I would choose a team like Club América using their yellow home jersey, and would get paired with teams like Equador that also wear a yellow jersey.


Skill Games

Aside from the playing soccer, the skill games have to be one of the most fun features of FIFA 13. Skill games are mini-games, that challenge you to make better lob passes, ground passes, penalties, free-kicks, crosses, shooting, and dribbling. The sort of things you do in Skill Games are shooting balls into trash cans, passing the ball to targets, hitting the cross bar by way of lobbing the ball, etc. Playing Skill Games locally with a friend can become insanely fun as you’re both trying to beat each others high score!


Keeping some of the old features like Online Seasons, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Creation Zone was a great decision! And they even introduced another in-game feature where if the game is stopped due to an injury, the opponent has to pass or kick the ball back to your defending side, which just adds to the realism in FIFA Soccer 13-when this happened I was very impressed!


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For the most part, FIFA 13 is the perfect soccer game. There are only two things that still bug me a bit. One of those things is the number of replays an opponent will show after they score. There should be a one or two replay limit because some people show their replays just to be mean. The second thing would be assuring that players get their three points after an opponent quits. FIFA Soccer 13 has improved on determining winners when connection is lost, but it could still be improved.


Overall Impression

FIFA 13 is better than FIFA 12. The gameplay is more realistic than ever, the Player Impact Engine makes the game more enjoyable. The because of the different game modes, the game definitely has a high replay value. I was extremely impressed how FIFA 13 included talented, but often forgotten international teams like Egypt, Peru, etc. The graphics got better, under rainy conditions you could see the jersey pressed on the player. Overall I love FIFA Soccer 13 and give FIFA Soccer 13 a nine out of ten.

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