Streaming service HBO Go is headed to Xbox Live on April 1st

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HBO’s on demand streaming service HBO Go is headed to Xbox Live on April 1st — just in time for the premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ season two.

HBO Go Coming to Xbox Live in April

HBO Go, the Home Box Office Channel’s answer to ‘On Demand’ content, is coming to Xbox Live on April 1st. Back when the next update for Xbox Live was being demoed for subscribers, one of the key features Microsoft was touting was there support for streaming services like HBO Go, the BBC, and Sky, and now that’s all coming to fruition some 5 months later.

Gamers were made aware that the services wouldn’t be hitting the console alongside the update, which is probably a good thing considering all the problems it was causing, but now we’re a bit closer to realizing that vision. HBO Go was one of the key pieces to the next phase of Xbox 360 Pro, and now it’s right around the corner.

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