Top 11 Sites for Free Full Length Movies

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There are so many ways to watch TV online and we write about 25 ways to Watch Free TV Online and Top 10 Popular Video sites. But Some of our readers contact us to write about where to watch Full length Movies. There are Lots of websites promise free full length movies, but I’ve sorted through it all to show you the top ten very best sites that will deliver great video right to your desktop.



Here are the List of the Websites from Where you can Watch Full Length Movies:

1. Hulu:


Hulu is a website that offers free, ad-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, FOX, and others. Hulu provides video in Flash Video format in a higher resolution and bit-rate than YouTube, but lower than standard-definition television, though many films are available in 480p.

2. Watch-movies: is a great resource site to find the latest Hollywood movies online, they provide users with reviews and user feedbacks on the movies, along with providing users with several links to watch or download the movies.

3. Joox:

Joox is a great site for watching movies online although Joox does not host any movies on their servers. They have a great collection of latest English movies. You will need to install the DivX Plugin to watch movies. Joox offers download links of movies.

4. Surf The Channel:


Online destination for streaming popular TV content for free. Freely stream TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime shows etc.

5. IMDB:


IMDB, also known as the Internet Movie Database, has added free full length movies and TV shows to its’ already large and informative site. As of this writing, there were only about one hundred movies available; however, they are all hosted on the site and in good quality.

6. Joost:


Joost makes it very easy for you to view free full length movies on the Web – just click to their film section and you’re pretty much all set. Nicely organized by category and each movie is in very high quality.

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7. QuickSilverScreen:

QuickSilverScreen (QSS) is an online video streaming service where you can stream movies (some new but mostly old), TV Shows (24, Family Guy, …), documentary movies and lots of other video content for free. QSS also lists dozens of regular TV channels, i.e. MTV, ESPN, CNN, AlJazeera, BBC, NBS, and so on. We have profiled dozens of similar TV-Show / Movie websites before, however QSS seems to lead the way when it comes to video stream quality. Most of the videos are in DivX format.

8. Babelgum:


Babelgum has plenty of great free full length movies; however, you’re going to have to do a little bit of sleuthing in order to find them.

9. ThePirateCity:

ThePirateCity is a newly launched website where you can watch movies online without downloading. You can search for movies, browse them alphabetically or by category such as Action/Adventure, Drama, Children/Family, Horror/Thriller, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Others. The website lists plenty of popular movie titles.

10. Freetube:


Freetube is quite different from the rest of the sites profiled in this list. Instead of individual movies, Freetube offers streaming channels from which you can watch a free full length movie: it’s just not certain what you’re going to get! Channels offered are The Movie Channel, Free Classics, the Mystery Channel, and quite a few more. All movies are in reasonably good quality; my only beef is that there should be some kind of viewing schedule available.

11. Reoro:

reoro is a Moviesite made for people who want to watch Populair and NOT boring Movies, TV-shows & Documentaries. is completely legal, because the video’s are hosted on another website.

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