Top 5 YouTube Personalities and Shows You Really Must See

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youtube shows to watchThe success of YouTube has created an atmosphere where “normal” people like you and I have an outlet to gain fame and fortune from the confines of our own homes. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

YouTube’s Fred was a pretty regular kid before he plateaued YouTube as the user with the most subscribers. The “Charlie Bit My Finger” video landed that family over six figures, with a nine-figure view count. You’ve probably heard of the many other YouTube personalities as well, such as Boxxy, The Annoying Orange, and Epic Meal Time.

This post isn’t going to be about the names we’ve already heard of, though. I’d like to share a few new, interesting, and mostly-hilarious YouTube users with you.

Shoenice (shoenice22)

Shoenice is both brilliant and absolutely crazy. Internet communities like Reddit really catapulted this guy to fame when they caught on to his videos. Shoenice eats and drinks things. He’s not a competitive eater and he doesn’t typically eat food. He’s known for setting some ridiculous records, too. Here’s a quick list of some of the things I can recall Shoenice downing:

  • full bottle of Formula 409
  • a cheeseburger (with the wrapper)
  • full bottle of Frank’s Extra Hot Sauce (in 9 seconds)
  • 6 raw eggs (with shells)
  • a shoelace
  • a block of cream cheese
  • a tampon
  • a giant eraser
  • cat litter
  • raw bacon
Tastiere Custodia Ipad in alluminio€ 29,00

There is plenty, plenty more though. Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s the video that really set it off for Shoenice. Shoenice slammed a whole bottle of Absolut Vodka in just 15 seconds.


Well basically (a Shoenice trademark introduction), he’s nuts. Don’t try that at home.

Bad Lip Reading (BadLipReading)

I never thought that voiceovers could be too funny. This YouTube channel has proven me wrong. BLR is well-known for taking politicians and celebrities, muting them, and making them say the most ridiculous things ever.

The Angry Video Game Nerd (JamesNintendoNerd)

James, the AVGN, is one of the oldest, most beloved personalities in the#mce_temp_url# rage-gaming community. He’s been around for a really long time on his own website and other video networks, and isn’t as much of a presence of YouTube. Lucky for you and I, he’s created an entire playlist of all of the old episodes.

Although it seems like The Angry Video Game Nerd has moved on in life to bigger and better things, if you’re into retro gaming reviews and bad language, you’d love him.

Ed BassMaster (edbassmaster)

Ed BassMaster is as talented as he is bold and hilarious. On YouTube, Ed takes on multiple “candid camera” personalities, such as Mumbles (who can hardly speak English) and Skippy (“Hep…”). I could literally watch this guy for hours. Something is very, very funny about awkward social interactions.

Will It Blend? (Blendtec)

The concept here is simple: WIB takes things that they are not supposed to put in a blender, and they put it in a blender. It’s not only ridiculous and hard to look away from, it’s even educational!                              

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