Top 7 Best Sports Games for Your Smartphone

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Games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope never quite did it for me. They offered quick bursts of excitement and then were quickly retired to the “Never Used” folder on my iPhone. This was never the case with a good sports game. If they stopped making Madden in 1994, well, I’d still be playing Madden ‘94. Not every sports game for your cell is a winner, but when they’re good, they’re worth a couple of bucks for the enjoyable staying power they possess. Here are the 7 best:

1. NBA Jam (iOS – $1, Android – $5)
Besides introducing the term “boomshakalaka” to the general public, the original NBA Jam ushered in a wave of less-than-realistic sports games. The high-flying dunk show for your cell is complete with the voice of Tim Kitzrow (the original NBA Jam announcer) and even some of the classic players.

2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘12 (iOS – $5, Android – $5)
With a variety of different modes and eight full courses, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘12 offers more gameplay than most phone-based golf games. It also happens to be challenging enough to remain entertaining longer than an actual round of 18.

3. Flick Kick Field Goal (iOS – $1, Android – $1)
Stripping a game of football down to just the field goal kicking wouldn’t seem like a recipe for success, but the utter simplicity of Flick Kick Field Goal makes it insanely addictive. Score one for the Ray Finkle’s of the world.

4. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance (iOS – $1, Android – $3)
Building off the success of the first Backbreaker game, NaturalMotion added the ability to suit up as the defender to nicely round out the experience in this football sequel. Combining tilt motion and on-screen commands, Backbreaker 2: Vengeance offers an engrossing, albeit simple, gaming experience.

5. FIFA Soccer ‘12 (iOS – $5, Android – $5)
While I am a soccer nut, that’s not why this title makes the list. Outside of Madden, no franchise has dominated its respective sport market like the FIFA Soccer series. The 2012 edition for your iPhone or Android device is packed with 22 different leagues, over 15,000 real players and daily challenges that keep the game fresh even after you’ve won all the trophies.

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6. Homerun Battle 3D (iOS - $.99, Android – $.99)
Just like the Slam Dunk Contest, the Home Run Derby has always been better than the actual all-star game itself. This app lets you duke it out in real-time with someone online as you both swing for the fences.

7. Virtua Tennis Challenge (iOS – $7, Android – $5)
All the addictive fun you’ve come to expect from this Sega classic without the need for a console. This mobile version of Virtua Tennis lets you compete through the SPT World Tour, play individual matches and even challenge friends over WiFi or Bluetooth.

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