Totemo Kawaii: Fantasy Life TV Commercial

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Such a jaunty jingle! A scant fifteen seconds of gameplay nonetheless guaranteed to induce grinning.


It may be hard to believe, given the extremely long development time the title’s been undergoing, but Fantasy Life is pretty much ready for release. Whilst Western release details remain unknown, Japan’s set to get the game before this very month is through.


Though our gaming hearts may boil with envy, they are nonetheless soothed by the undeniable charm of the game in action. A new Android TV commercial for the game, though mere seconds in length, is more packed with character and adorable hijinks than most games can fit into several hours.


And did you hear that jingle? Isn’t that adorable? Slaying mighty dragons and constructing items of furniture has never been so gosh-darn cute!


R4 Save Dongle

We’re eagerly awaiting the time for Fantasy Life to head to our shores. Is 2013 the year that we finally get to be the bobble-headed miner fellow of our dreams?


Our fingers are optimistically crossed!

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