Unfair Look on Apple In The Video Gaming Market

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You do not need to look very hard to get a feeling that a lot of journalist and gamers really do not like Apple. There are various reason with some I can reason with (i.e. lack of recent innovation and charging for it with a AAA price tag). But when it comes to gaming Apple is seen either in a negative light or Apple doesn't count in gaming terms. But Apple has inadvertently done a lot for small developers. 

Apple created a device that is relatively easy to make apps and games for. So much so small developments teams (even individuals) have gotten recognition. I think the best example showing easy to develop and number one app has to be bubble ball created by 14 year old Robert Nay (*memeburn, 2011 see below for link to the story). A boy manage to top the download chart with a simple game and it took angry birds off the top. Angry Birds for that matter is made by Rovio which is a small independent game developer. Angry Birds became very profitable game for Rovio. 

Now I know many will say that either these are not games or there are a lot of rubbish in the app store. The later is fairly true. There is little to no quality control on the app store. But how is this any different to Nintendo's method of having shovelware on its Wii system. Lets be fair there have been massive dry period where a lot of rubbish is release with one major and good game comes out. But Nintendo 3ds is a respected because of the games they have and do release but also for innovation which brings me on to the next point 

M3 + Pennino per DS Lite€ 29,99

Apple has innovated in gaming. They may have done it accidentally and unintentionally but ever since the original iphone was release touch screen gaming has really taken off. I know Nintendo when into touch screen gaming with the R4 I 1.4.3 DS but not in anyway the direction apple managed to do. I will elaborate. touch only gaming has created a lot of different gameplay option. The iphone maybe lacking buttons which I know a lot of gamers (and even myself to some point) adore and seem they cannot live without but lets be honest apple's devices have made no button gaming very easy to play. But many (I hope it some for the sake of the gaming community) believe these are non games. Without naming names (because I am not calling out individuals but ideas in general) I will point out , one example, what is being said on this website 

"Apple is not even in the gaming industry. I stand by my statement "games" from the app store or facebook games are not or will not ever be video games!" 

R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 4 gb

Now I hope I do not need to point out the lack of sense made in this comment. These game may not be Call of Duty in quantity of stuff but they do not cost the same as Call of duty. Also this doesn't necessarily mean you spend less time on these games. A lot of games on the app store are addictive and quite challenging. To claim this more casual but also innovative form of social gaming non games is a little naive. 

Now I am not defending Apple, nor am I an Apple fanboy. I am merely a little frustrated with this bias view on a company who has done quite a lot for gaming. Touch gaming has worked its way into our dedicated handheld systems. Just look at the Vita which now includes touch based gaming. Look at the Wii U. Its controller is basically a budget tablet that something Apple started with its Ipad. Apple are not destroying the gaming world like some infectious disease but in fact have made their mark. Making systems that can make smaller developers gain profit and notoriety. There systems have changed gaming and in my opinion for the better. The should hold respect for these actions and not instantly dismissed.

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