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Keeping a multitude of devices in sync is the bane of any technophyle. We have increasingly capable Tablet Android and Smartphone devices that should, in an ideal world, enhance the portability and interchangeability of our data. Yet over time, this data gets inevitably fragmented, simply because the work required to keep all of our devices in sync. This is where SyncMate enters stage. With just one application, you can keep all your devices working perfectly in unison. It’s the only synchronization tool you’ll ever need.

SyncMate Expert for Mac OS X

We were happy to host two SyncMate giveaways in the past, Turn Your Mac Into Sync-Central with SyncMate in 2010 and Get In Sync With SyncMate 3 Expert Edition in 2011. This time around, we’re back  with an all-new updated version of SyncMate Expert.

You can use SyncMate to sync your Mac with a pletora of hardware and online services. These include mobile devices like Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia S40 and all iOS devices, like the iPhone, iPod and iPad. But you can also synchronize your Mac with another computer or several online services.

You can schedule your Mac to sync with all of these devices simultaneously and automatically. Most importantly, you can sync any of these devices with each other, through your Mac.


Mobile Synchronization

In previous versions, SyncMate was already able to sync with Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia S40 models. Now, iOS devices have been added to the mix as well, and BlackBerry support is soon to come.

Maintain your contacts, calendars, your photos from iPhoto, or your iTunes library on any of these mobile devices. In case of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, it gets better; using SyncMate, you can now use these devices in conjunction with multiple computers, instead of just one.

If you use an Android, Windows Mobile, or Nokia S40 phone, you can also view and manage your text messages on your computer, or use your computer’s full-sized keyboard to send new messages with ease.

Tablet Android 7' Gb-A30

Computer to Computer

SyncMate isn’t limited to mobile devices only. If you have multiple computers, you can keep them working in perfect unison; it doesn’t matter whether that other computer runs on Windows or Mac OS X as well. Add as many computers as you want, and keep your Address Book, iCal, iTunes, Safari and iPhoto in sync.

After hooking up an external disk, you can use it to back up important data from your Mac, or turn the tables around and keep an image of the mounted device safe on your Mac.

Sync With Online Services

If you use your Google account to store your calendar and contacts online, you can synchronize these with your Mac, or through your Mac to your other mobile devices and computers. Dropbox can be used to store data from your Mac, but also to keep files and folders from your Dropbox in sync with other computers and mobile devices.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, don’t fret. Eltima gives all SyncMate users 200 MB for free on their servers. Although this likely won’t suffice for your entire iTunes library, once you sign up for an online storage account you can keep your most precious data safe on Eltima’s servers.

Try the free version of SyncMate here. You can also purchase a copy for just $39.95.


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