Video game characters love last minute Christmas shopping

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Namco-Bandai Rep ‘Blown Away’ By International Project X Zone Interest

Capcom, Namco-Bandai and Sega threw their biggest and most vibrant ideas together, mashing franchises with other franchises like there was no tomorrow. The result was the sublime Project X Zone, a 3DS game currently available in Japan that has the likes of Resident Evil‘s Chris Redfield taking to the battlefield alongside Space Channel 5‘s Ulala.

It’s a barmy concept, yet somehow has managed to form a cohesive and enjoyable whole. Fans of all three companies, and indeed the R4 Nintendo 3ds Dual Core, have been anxious to see the game go global, something only compounded by big names in the industry saying they would try and make it so. According to Nintendo Everything, that debate is still ongoing.


Like, the mall!

Video game characters love last minute Christmas shopping.

While it’s nothing concrete, Namco-Bandai’s community strategist, Rich Bantegui, engaged with a fan on Twitter regarding the game’s Western hopes.

Sup Anthony, just like my recent answer – I havent heart [sic] any news. But I’m blown away by the amount interest in the title.

So the bad news is that there isn’t any global release to speak of as of yet… unless Mr. Bantegui is playing it cool. Nevertheless, his acknowledgement of the fandom’s strong voice does give hope to many, and at least lets us know that the publishers are listening.

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The biggest obstacle to Project X Zone‘s success is often cited as the obscurity of many of its characters in the West as opposed to in Japan. Of course, those characters are only unknown in our territories because we were never introduced to them in the first place, making it something of a vicious cycle. There are plenty of big name characters available too, and hardcore fans of all three companies will know who’s who.

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