Your gaming Advent calendar: 25 Days of Christmas

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Forget those nasty chocolates and pictures of shepherds: this is the only Advent calendar you'll ever need. Over the next 25 days we'll be amassing a pile of gaming goodies that would have Father Christmas himself stroking his beard and pondered the evils of consumerism. You name it, we've got it; collector's editions, art books, arcade sticks...the lot.

Click to view larger image Here's how it works: every day we'll be uploading a new video to this page, showcasing the prize that we'll be adding to the pile. Each video will contain a letter, and putting all of the letters together will form a sentence or phrase.


All you need to do is make a note of the letters, solve the phrase and send us your answer via the text input form below. Don't forget you'll need to watch all the videos to get the correct answer.

The winner will get the overflowing Santa-sack of 25 goodies we've stockpiled, but there will also be prizes for a number of runners up, too. Magical.


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The competition will run from December 1, 2012 and the closing date December 31, 2012. Entrants must have a UK postal address and the winner must be over 18 after January 1, 2013. Good luck!

Video Updates follow...

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


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