Survey Says Wii Dominates Living Room and More

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A recent survey conducted by Nielsenwire reveals some interesting results. According to their findings, they’ve concluded the following about today’s gaming landscape:

  • Over half of households (56 percent) own at least one current generation gaming console as of January 2012, up from 50 percent last year
  • There is increasing overlap and competition in the mobile / handheld / tablet gaming space: 66 percent of households with kids age 6-12 that own a Nintendo 3DS or Sony PSP also have an Apple iOS device
  • Android OS gaming peaks among adults 25-34 while iPhone gaming is distributed more evenly across age segments
  • Gamers increasingly play across multiple screens: 24 percent play on two or more of a console, a PC or a mobile / tablet device, up from 17 percent in 2009
Console Nintendo DS Lite

Interesting enough the survey mentions that the Nintendo Wii still manages to dominate the living room space. However, whether Wii owners are still actively playing their console is a different story.

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