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UK Traffic

UK Traffic

The UK Traffic App (£3.49) is a live traffic info app that allows you to see live news feeds, route planner and street view through the use of cameras.



Evernote (free) is a handy app to have for organisation. It allows you to create notes, take pictures and record voice memos which you can then access from any computer, Tablet PC or iPhone.


Dropbox (free) lets you take all your documents, pictures and videos with you wherever you are. Once you've saved something on this app, it is automatically saved to your computer, iPhone or iPad and even the Dropbox website.



The Zinio (free) App allows you to read newspapers and magazines on the go. You can read and share articles from the best publications across the world.


This app lets you flip through the news, videos, photos and updates on Facebook in an easy and manageable way. You can also catch up on the latest news from titles such as National Geographic, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone to name a few. Flipboard (free) has been named Apple's iPad App of the Year.


If you're into running, this is the app for you. Runmeter (£2.99) turns your iPhone into a GPS stopwatch so you can keep track on your exercise as it gives you feed back on your performance.


In a rush? Haven't got time to read that article you found? Instapaper (£2.99) lets you save those web pages you came across in the day for reading later offline.


Ocado App for iPhone

Ocado (free) allows you to order your food shopping online and get it delivered to your door through this simple and easy to use app.


HootSuite (free) is perfect for the social butterfly. This app lets you converse on the go by sending scheduled Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare updates. It also allows you to track click stats and set up tracking columns to keep an eye on #hashtags and lists.

Auricolari Wireless Bluetooth Mod. Nokia

The Metro iPhone App

The Metro iPhone App (free) lets you browse through the top news of the day from showbiz, culture, sport - the list is endless. You can also share stories with your friends through email or Twitter. 

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