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piggybank-phone-624x258.PNGEverywhere we look, it seems like "there's an app for that," and while many apps can help you save money, many more are just a reason to pay for yet another download.  Which ones are destined to cut your budget in a significant way?  We test drove six of the best and found that there really was money to be saved!

Platform: iPhone (Android coming soon)


This popular iPhone app from the people who gave you is truly a lifesaver (and a money saver.)  It's an all-in-one destination for tracking spending and monitoring activity.  Designed to help you always be on top of your financial accounts, you'll get updates when your checking account dips below a level of comfort, or when your credit card limit is in danger of being breached.  Those who bank online will love taking their access a step further, and when a strange guy you've never met buys Broadway tickets with your debit card - you won't be the last to know.


Platform: iPhone, Android, Nokia


Perhaps one of the most exciting shopping applications, ShopSavvy by Big in Japan combines the bar code scanning capabilities of popular comparison tools with the search engine results you've come to expect from the best shopping websites.  Able to scan the bar codes from the back of software, CDs, books, and more, it gives an accurate description of the product, as well as where you can find it for cheap (with a map and option to call the store directly, no less).  Fortunately for iPhone lovers, this always-reliable app is now available for more than just the Android crowd.  Released in the Apple accessories store and as a trustworthy shopping companion for Nokia, it can give you in-store and online results in a flash, saving you more than just pennies on that latest Halo release.

Platform: iPhone


Craigslist shoppers unite!  This no-frills, free app brings you just what you want from the mega classified site (including listings, photos, and descriptions) in an easy-to-use format.  No more waiting until you get home to search out that hard-to-find item.  iCraig lets you search by many of the same parameters as the website, giving you an advantage against the competitors.  You can reply to ads or post your own, and if you like something fancy (like a limited-edition action figure), you can update your friend on Twitter!

Platform: iPhone


Not feeling like shuffling through dozens of paper inserts and online forums to find the best deal at your local retailer?  Consider an all-in-one solution like CouponSherpa, the app that offers coupon codes, printable coupons, and exclusive discounts for the places you shop most.  Unlike other apps we've seen, CouponSherpa does a good job of categorizing savings by store type and department, and we're completely enchanted by the coupons that can be shown to store clerks via the screen on your smart phone!  Feeling charitable?  You can easily share your savings with the feature that allows you to quickly and painlessly send coupons to friends.

Platform: iPhone, Blackberry


Whether you have kidlets or not, chances are good you know someone who does (and therefore will get stuck babysitting at some point.)  If the thought of skipping a home-cooked meal and heading out to dinner appeals to you, then you'll love the genius behind KidsMealDeals.  Simply select the day of the week you're planning to dine out and the zip code you plan to be in.  Voila!  You'll get a wide assortment of chain and independent restaurants looking to give you free kid meals with the purchase of an adult dish!

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