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  • Galaxy S4 beats iPhone 5 on smartphone battery life

    19 July 2013 ( )

    After the Samsung Galaxy S4′s triumph in last week’s smartphone speed test, we turned our attention to mobile phone battery life. What use is a speedy phone if it runs out of juice before you get to enjoy its bountiful array of features? We tested each...

  • Streaming service HBO Go is headed to Xbox Live on April 1st

    06 March 2012

    HBO’s on demand streaming service HBO Go is headed to Xbox Live on April 1st — just in time for the premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ season two. HBO Go, the Home Box Office Channel’s answer to ‘On Demand’ content, is coming to Xbox Live on April 1st. Back...

  • 5 Best BlackBerry Apps For Moms

    16 May 2012

    itablethouse compiled the top 5 apps from BlackBerry App World™ that we think are perfect for all the moms out there on #TeamBlackBerry. 1. Kobo™: According to some of the moms here on the social team, they love to curl up with a good book. Having Kobo...

  • Lumia 920 goes against Galaxy Note 2

    13 November 2012

    On CNN's Technology Minute, panelists were split on whether they preferred the new Nokia Lumia 920 or the Galaxy Note 2. This column has given high marks to both of these new smartphones. Let's see which smartphone is the best for you. Galaxy Note 2 Style...

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